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    Sailing Cruises

    Get rid of the crowd of the city, workplace or the four walls of your home; it's time to meet the sea. The most beautiful bays of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, thousands of green and blue tones blending in a natural environment - How about a fascinating journey to go?


    Take the Blue Voyage and integrate with nature; be filled by the color of the sea and the sky. You will feel the strength of the wind and waves taking over you, bringing their calming effects as you become part of nature. On your Blue Voyage you will be captivated by peace as you start each new day with the gentle sound and roll of lazy waves, adorned with the orchestral symphony of the birds. It is joy, happiness and freshness.

    The Blue Voyage is to live an exotic romance at the twilight of the evening, to sip the elixir of love and to be drunk with pleasure. In short, for those who have made this journey before, it is a passion. For those who have not, it is a dream waiting to be lived. You do not need to be a master sailor to enjoy a Blue Voyage every day. Instead of hearing in songs or poems, just live the Blue Voyage; make your dream a reality.

    If you were to ask me, What does it mean to be a blue passenger?" I say this is a matter of consciousness . This consciousness gives a sense of privilege, a sense of superiority. But it does not separate blue passengers from others. On the contrary, it injects a sort of ethics which gives you the enthusiasm of teaching others the same ideals.
    Azra Erhat, from the Book "Blue Voyage"

    Pablo Neruda's wonderful poetry
    He who becomes the slave of habit,
    who follows the same routes every day,
    who never changes pace,
    who does not risk and change the color of his clothes,
    who does not speak and does not experience,
    dies slowly.

    He or she who shuns passion,
    who prefers black on white,
    dotting ones "it's" rather than a bundle of emotions, the kind that make your eyes glimmer,
    that turn a yawn into a smile,
    that make the heart pound in the face of mistakes and feelings,
    dies slowly.

    He or she who does not turn things topsy-turvy,
    who is unhappy at work,
    who does not risk certainty for uncertainty,
    to thus follow a dream,
    those who do not forego sound advice at least once in their lives,
    die slowly.

    He who does not travel, who does not read,
    who does not listen to music,
    who does not find grace in himself,
    she who does not find grace in herself,
    dies slowly.

    He who slowly destroys his own self-esteem,
    who does not allow himself to be helped,
    who spends days on end complaining about his own bad luck, about the rain that never stops,
    dies slowly.

    Let's try and avoid death in small doses,
    reminding oneself that being alive requires an effort far greater than the simple fact of breathing.

    Only a burning patience will lead
    to the attainment of a splendid happiness.

    Pablo Neruda

    Races & Regattas

    Many of us cannot think of a life without speed, without adrenaline and without movement, without competing. Some of us may find a quiet holiday without some struggles very boring. Participate in sailing races will have you spend real effort and will provide some knowledge and skills. Sea and sailing requires being gentleman. But to force the boat within the rules, to compete in the spirit of the team, to fight with the seconds of clock , to finish jobs fast and without errors will add a lot to us.

    Learning to take risks, to force our skills, to combat the conditions of nature, staying stable will make us more self-confident, and if we get a victory and earn the respect of people, it will even much more colorful. You can find a race or regatta 12 months a year. If you want to join to a race in a sailing team individually or to bring your team and to race with yourselves, just find the attached calendar and make reservation. It will be a life time memory.

    Corporate Cruises & Team Bulding

    Sailing is a team sport. Every position on the boat makes people to do their duties in harmony and coordination. Shortcomings of each one on the boat effects the other ones and the boat itself just like the clock gears and a wheel. As a sport, it develops team spirit which is inherent in sailing, so it provides the most natural environment for corporate teamwork. , it is difficult to think of a better method than sailing in order to eliminate individuality created by daily business climate, selfishness and personal competitive environment. Pending 1 week with sailing team will inject strong team spirit.

    Sea and sailing the environment takes the edges of human character, make them close to each other, have them act as a team, teach them respect each other and themselves. Sharing tasks, sharing meals and sharing feelings will eliminate the accumulation of years. the efforts given together against the other boats and the nature, sun tanned skins, resting of brain and spirit around nature's most beautiful places will improve the performance of your team. Dignity and being gentleman which is part yachting will be injected into your team.

    What to bring to boat

    First of all you cannot bring bulky luggage to the boat. Space is very valuable in boats. Therefore, you should use soft and foldable bag like sports bag. Life in the boat is much more simple and practical. You should avoid bringing a lot of unnecessary things as on regular vacations. Items that you bring should the practical, sporty, and should be necessary. The following list will help you in this regard.

    As a requirement of modern life, many electronic devices have become part of our lives. We recommend you to leave them in home; you might bring some of them. There is only 12V power in boats unless moored to a pier which has outlets. So if you want to charge devices, you should bring car lighter adapters. Even if you bring 220V adapters, you cannot use them except some places which have power connection. Many restaurants only have limited generator power.

    A waterproof waist bag to store things like passport, credit cards, foreign exchange, and insurance would be very useful. Seasickness is a condition that sometimes even the experienced sailors can have. If you are not sure, bring high quality medication to keep the sea. Your travel will be much more enjoyable.

    Materials needed for summer programs

    1 – 2 Hats (usually 1 of them flies to the sea)
    2 - Sunglasses
    3 - a casual pants and shorts
    4 - Short-sleeved t-shirts
    5 - Long-sleeved t-shirt (for the sun protection)
    6 - Clean shoes with white rubber bottom, sport shoes
    7 - Polar or sweater
    8 – Wind breaker coat (not too thick)
    9 - Underwear and socks
    10 - Swimsuit and towel
    11 - Shampoo
    12 - Sun cream and lip moist. (15-30 proof)
    13 - Spare shorts, socks and underwear
    14 - Special medicines
    15 - Sleeping bag or blanket (pillows, sheets and pillowcases are in your goat.)
    16 - Sailing gloves.
    17 - Slippers (for marinas)
    18 – Ties for Glasses
    19 - Hygienic kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit ...)
    20 - CDs, books, magazines
    21 - Food: Participants will do the shopping together. We recommend you to bring only very special food requirements.

    Materials required for winter programs

    1 - Hats, Wool Hats
    2 - Sunglasses
    3 - comfortable pants
    4 - Clean shoes with white rubber bottom, sport shoes
    5 - The rainy weather, waterproof boots or shoes
    6 - Polar or wool sweater
    7 - Water-resistant thick coats.
    8 - Water-tight jumpsuit pants (not required, if applicable)
    9- Spare pants, sweaters, socks and underwear
    10 - Sailing Gloves
    11 - Lip cream
    12 - Special medicines
    13 - sandwich for lunch, apple or banana.

    Our Sailing Yachts

    Year Built: 1991
    Loa: 15,35 m
    Beam: 4,85 m
    Draft: 2,00 m
    Engine: YANMAR 72 HP
    Tank Water: 950 liter
    Tank Diesel Fuel: 380 liter
    Main Sail: 47,65 qm
    Furling Jib: 77,00 qm
    Cabins: 5
    Berths: 10

    Built from 1989 to 1992, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51 was a Bruce Farr design for Jeanneau, before the company's absorption by Bènèteau. The same hull, with minor alterations, was later used for the Sun Odyssey 52.2. With 19 mt mast, special keel design, very large sail area, it is a nice and fast sailboat. It is extremely comfortable at rough sea. It has all electrical sailing systems and winches whcih can also be used as manual.

    The boat is one of the rarer 'owners' models, with a very spacious and bright saloon, plus three double cabins, each with its own WC, hot & cold pressurised shower and basin. It has air conditioner, LCD TV, DVD, hifi music system, seperate refrigirator and freezer, ice machine, generator and many more comfort items.

    The forecabin is the master cabin, with en-suite heads and a massive amount of stowage. An L-shaped galley occupies the forward part of the starboard side of the saloon, with chart table aft. Opposite this is the dining table. Two more two-berth cabins aft also each have their own heads. There is also a cabin at the bow of the boat with a seperate entrance with its own head. The yacht has 4 sun beds on the deck besides 8 people cockpit area at the stern.



    IYT Courses

    IYT International Crew

    1 week of sailing training in a sailboat while cruising in Eagean sea. (theory and practice) Includes course materials.


    / person

    IYT Flotilla Skipper

    1 week of sailing training in a sailboat while cruising in Eagean sea. (theory and practice) Includes course materials.


    / person

    IYT Bareboat Skipper

    1 week of sailing training in a sailboat while cruising in Eagean sea. (theory and practice) Includes course materials.


    / person

    Bareboat Skipper compressed

    Get 3 courses in 2 weeks (14 days) and become Bareboat Skipper. 2 weeks of training theory and practice. Includes course materials.


    / person


    EU European Union and United Nations International Certificate of Competency No. 40 countries. IYT Flotilla Skipper and above can take. Certificate fee.


     / person


    VHF licence. Lessons and exam can be taken during any of the courses.


    / person

    Yachtmaster Coastal

    1 week of training theory and practice. Includes course materials.


    / person

    Yachtmaster Offshore

    2 week of training theory and practice. Includes course materials.


    / person






    Sailing Trip

    You can participate to any of our trips at our booking plan. Trips are either 1 or 2 weeks. You will not get any certificate but You will participate to all of the jobs of the sail crew.


    / haftalık

    Private sailing cruise

    You can close the boat for 1 week. You can decide on the course and where to stop. You can come with any number of friends boat will allow (up to 8-10 people). There will be skipper on the boat but your crew will do all the sailing jobs


    / haftalık


    Safety at sea and practices

    Survival at sea, personal safety and social responsibility, basic first aid, fire fighting. 5-day training


    / person


    Nautical charts, ploting course, fixes, bearing compass and other fixing methods. 4-day training


    / person

    Astro Navigation

    Definitions, Using Sextant, calculation methods (sun, moon, stars, etc.), the position fixing. 5-day training


    / person

    Tide and Currents

    Tides and currents, calculation methods, using maps and Almanac, bridges & anchoring calculations. 2-day training


    / person

    Corporate team work

    One-week sailing trip and teamwork training


    / person

    1) Above prices includes: accommodation in the boat, fuel cost, ports fee, transit-log, course materials and certificate.
    2) Food either cooked or preserved in the boat, restaurant costs, transfers or transportation to airports are not included.
    3) You need to check in to boat after 12:00 on Saturday and You may leave the boat Friday evening 18:00 to Saturday 12:00.
    4) Reservation cost is 200 € for every course and non-refundable.
    5) Not more than 5 people can get course in a boat based on IYT rules.

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