Four islands in front of the southern shores of Gokova covered with pine forests create a wide gulf of 2 miles wide between them and the shore. You can find many calm places to anchor between the bays of the shore and the islands. Martili in the west is a bare island; there are beautiful beaches to swim on south side and East Cape of the island. The other islands are Uzun, Zeytinli and Kucuk. They all have steep and rocky shores and no sandy beaches. Islands are mostly barren, but covered with pine trees in the cove areas. Çamaltı, Bekar (Gökağaç Inlet), Karağaç Limani, Uzun Liman, Babüş bükü, Küfre Bay and Göllü ada are the most important anchoring coves in the Yediadalar.

Çamaltı has sands in the beach and the sea bottom and a coast covered with trees. Bekar Liman is a cove of 150 meters in diameter like a pool. As soon as Gullets enters, yachts rarely come. Küfre bay is the most popular in this region. All coves are linked to one another with dirt paths. There is only shabby restaurant in seven islands which is in Küfre. So Seven islands is out of civilization. Göllü Island is also good place to anchor and to swim. Halikarnas the Fisherman says "Island looks like hanging in the sky. This is the centre of Gokova and the world." Yedi Adalar is composed of dozens of small and big islands and many coves. This area is full of incense trees. You always breathe in the smell of incense.

Göllü Island, the northernmost island, is a great place for diving. The underwater fauna is very rich. This area also have legendary story of the eels. Journey of eels which starts from here to Bahamas takes 3 years. They lay there and die. After hatching, the little ones finds Gokova in the huge seas they do not know and return to Yedi Adalar. Offspring of Norwegian parents returns to fiyords Norway, Offsprings of the eels of Gökova returns to this islands. The best time to visit is September and especially October. The famous Kiran winds of Gokova does not affect here.