The small island which is located to the North West of Rhodes and between Nisyros and Khalki is not visited by many tourists. It is actually a tiny island with a few permanent inhabitants. Tilos has developed over the last few years as the paradise for campers and peace lovers. During medieval the island was used to signal the island of Rhodes of approaching enemies. Tilos has been one of the best-kept secrets in the Dodecanese for some time, with good unspoiled beaches, friendly people and wonderful walking country: a tranquil antidote to Kos town.

The island has a great natural beauty: Rocky Mountains, crystal beaches, caves with stalactites and stalagmites, groves of fig trees, almonds, pomegranates, walnuts and olive trees. The wind blows frequently over Tilos, giving it a sense of coolness in summer. The capital of Tilos is Megalo Chorio, a small village that lacks some of the modern amenities and has thus preserved its traditional character with its old churches and small, cozy homes. The main port of the island is Livadia. This is where large ferries and small fishing boats moor.

Tilos has got extraordinary architectural and archaeological attractions. There are the ruins of some medieval castles, a Byzantine monastery and a village declared as a cultural monument, Mikro Chorio. Ormos Livadhi – Located on the East coast of Tilos the large bay has a small quay. During the Meltem there can be a swell into the bay. Water and provisioning are available and there are number of tavernas.