This rocky, mountainous island, North West of Rhodes, is one of the most beautiful of the Dodecanese. Here, mast of the inhabitants lives off sponge diving. The main part is Gialos. Other interesting villages include Nimborios, Marthoundas, Pedi and Panormos. Enjoy swimming in the clear waters of Symi, but don't forget to taste the excellent wine, honey, almonds and olives produced here.

This slightly mountainous island has a couple of particularities attracting tourists to a great extent. One of these particularities is that there are very few cars on Simi, which confers the island a very special atmosphere, and a touch of magic. It is the ideal island for romantic people who are looking for something special, such as a tranquil atmosphere, or the possibility to integrate to the everyday life of the island and fit into this portion of the Greek The most awesome moment for most tourists is the excursion to Panormitis monastery, dedicated to Archangel Michael, patron saint of the island.

The port of Gialos is also a big attraction, where tourists enjoy the view of its neoclassical houses. Its old streets, back alleys and flight of stairs invite them to explore and have and adventurous time. From the ancient area of the town, where you can still see the ruins of an ancient castle, there is a stunning view, not only to the surrounding landscape, but also to everyday life. Culture with no difficulty.