The bay also known as "Gerbekse" by locals, is one of the shelters for blue voyage sailboats. Cape extending into the sea and a small island at the entrance protects the bay from the wind and waves. The coast of Gerbekse has couple of restaurants and few wharfs. There are ancient ruins and churches up the hill from the castle. Affected by the beauty of the temple, some new married foreign tourists ask the boat captains to marry them by crew becoming witness.

As you climb into the hills of pine and olive trees, the beauty of Gerbekse become more apparent. The further sharp and steep slopes of the Gerbekse bay are still untouched. Gerbekse have season until 15 of November and is close to Meltem winds. Coasts have small gravels, and Bottom of the bay have a good anchor holding property with depth of 5-7 meters. Interesting rock structure of the small island is admirable as much as the subtle beauty of Gerbekse bay.