Maps call this bay as Gökçeler. The story of why they say Balıkaşıran is as follows: This place where Gulf of Hisaronu and Gokova is the closest to each other. Bencik and Balıkaşıran bays are back to back to each other. So they say flying fish in Gökova jumps to Hisarönü. So here it was known as Balıkaşıran (Fish passer). This point where the Aegean Sea gets closer with the Mediterranean just like to touch each other. This place is accepted as the beginning point of Datca peninsula. The right side is the Mediterranean Sea and the left side of the Aegean.

Aegean fish jumps to Mediterranean fish jumps to Aegean Sea. According to the historian Herodotus; in 540 BC during the invasion of Persia, Knidos started to dig precisely this point of the peninsula in order to separate the mainland and wanted to turn their region in to an island in order to solidify their defense. One of the oracles they have consulted rejected this project. He had said 'if the gods wanted your country to be an island, it would have created it as an island, do not change what's created. So Knidos accepted the defeat by Persians without a war.